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Customer services move to WaterNSW

Customer services move to WaterNSW

06 July 2016

All customer-related operational functions have been transferred to WaterNSW from the Department of Primary Industries Water (DPI Water).

Since Friday, 1 July, all operational activities related to customer interaction will now be undertaken by WaterNSW, including management of groundwater, regulated and unregulated water. DPI Water will continue its policy, planning and regulatory role.

This consolidation of functions under WaterNSW creates a single contact point for the day-to-day business needs of rural water customers including:

  • Customer transactions
  • Compliance investigations for customers
  • Licensing administration and billing
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Hydrometric assessment
  • Metering

Changes will be phased in and customers will receive information advising them in advance as the next stage is about to take place.

In the interim customers can use the same contact details or contact WaterNSW via the customer helpdesk 1300 662 077.

Extensive pre-planning has taken place to ensure the changes occur with no disruption to customer services, including water delivery and other business fundamentals.

Contact: Tony Webber

Phone: 0428 613 478

Tuesday 17 July
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Tuesday 17 July