Water sharing plans and licensing

Water sharing plans and licensing

WaterNSW operates in accordance with Water Sharing Plans (WSP) and delivers water to customers and the environment. Based on the WSP rules, the available water resources are shared throughout the year, allowing water for the environment and for consumptive use. Customers’ water accounts are credited with their shares of available water and, as they use their water, their usage is debited from their accounts. More information about Water Sharing Plans can be obtained from Department of Industry - Water (DOI).

The water licences and approvals granted to WaterNSW regulate its access to water resources in its area of operations.

Water Access Licences authorise WaterNSW to take and use water.

Water Supply work and water use approvals set out how the water management works are to be operated, including the amount of water that WaterNSW must make available for environmental flows.


Sunday 18 August
1,290,923 ML
2,581,850 ML
8,570 ML
1,225 ML
-8,936 ML
Sunday 18 August