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River Murray to Broken Hill Pipeline

River Murray to Broken Hill Pipeline

The River Murray to Broken Hill Pipeline will provide long-term water security for Broken Hill, enabling social, environmental and economic prosperity.

Construction of the pipeline is part of a $500 million investment strategy to secure Broken Hill’s water supplies – representing the largest investment into regional water security on record.

The 270 km pipeline will supply up to 37.4 megalitres of a peak daily demand of raw water to Essential Water in Broken Hill as the local water provider. Essential Water will continue to retain responsibility for water treatment and water distribution to its customers.

The raw water will be sourced near Wentworth on the River Murray with the pipeline being constructed underground and expected to follow the Silver City Highway corridor to Broken Hill.

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Tuesday 17 October
2,232,940 ML
2,581,749 ML
6,780 ML
969 ML
-15,492 ML
Tuesday 17 October