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NSW metering scheme

NSW metering scheme

NSW Metering SchemeIn 2004, all Australian governments agreed to establish a national approach to water management, by creating the National Water Initiative. Under the initiative, new national standards for water meters and meter data collection systems were established. Agreed standards for rural water were confirmed in 2009 and Australian governments will oversee the replacement of all non conforming meters by 30 June 2016.

The NSW Metering Scheme

Funded as part of the NSW Government's $1.36 billion Sustaining the Basin initiative, the NSW Metering Scheme will deliver water savings that will be shared between the environment and community. The Sustaining the Basin initiative contains a range of measures funded by the NSW Government as part of the Australian Government’s Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program.

The Australian Government has agreed in principle to commit up to $221 million to the NSW Metering Scheme to improve the measurement of water extracted from groundwater, regulated and unregulated rivers throughout the Murray Darling Basin. Ultimately, the NSW Metering Project will see the installation of high accuracy, tamper proof and low maintenance meters across the NSW Murray-Darling Basin.

  • The NSW Metering Scheme is being carried out in a staged approach to enable NSW to comply with the national metering standards.
  • The aim of the NSW Metering Scheme is to ensure that at least 95 percent of total extractions in the regulated, unregulated river and groundwater systems are metered.
  • WaterNSW is implementing the NSW Metering Scheme on behalf of the NSW regulating authority the Office of Water.
  • To date, more than 1,300 new water meters have been installed in southern NSW through the scheme.

Southern Valleys Metering Project

The $31.5 million Southern Valleys Metering Project will see approximately 700 water meters installed on regulated, unregulated and groundwater systems across the Murray, Murrumbidgee and Lower Darling valleys.

Completed metering projects

The Murray Pilot, Murrumingdee CARM and Mid Murray metering projects have already been completed in New South Wales.

  • Murray Pilot project: The Murray Pilot project was completed in 2013 , which saw 600 telemetry-enabled meters installed in the upper Murray catchment. The Murray Pilot was used to evaluate installation options and techniques prior to the roll out of the projects.
  • Murrumbidgee CARM project: The metering component of the Murrumbidgee CARM project, involved installation of 600 meters on the Murrumbidgee River in 2013.  Metering was one of five components of the CARM project, which also includes capital works and technology upgrades.
  • Mid-Murray project : In 2014, 70 meters were installed in the mid-Murray region in the first stage of the Southern Valleys Metering Project.

Documents and fact sheets

Information regarding the metering scheme, types of water meters and specific projects are available on the documents and factsheets.

Consultation and communication

Details of each project are provided in the engagement process.

Project benefits

The full list of project benefits are available.

Sustaining the Basin projects

Further information about other Sustaining the Basin projects.


If there is an issue with your new meter please contact WaterNSW on 1300 662 077.

For assistance out-of-hours, a message can be left on the 1300 number or in emergencies, press 2 to be diverted to a staff member for further assistance.

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