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iSMART - Edward River offtake regulatorIntegrated surveillance, monitoring, automation and remote telemetry

Total project cost: $18.6 million
Funding: NSW Government, Water for Rivers, the Bureau of Meteorology and Murray Darling Basin Authority
Start date: Program launched March 2010
Expected completion: Mid 2014, with extension of works planned to 2017
Description: Design, development, construction and integration of critical systems and infrastructure to support remote operation and monitoring of 20 major dams and 53 weirs and regulators across regional NSW. iSMART will provide a business-wide, integrated and centralised approach to managing assets by providing real-time control and data for water delivery, surveillance and asset management.

Project components

The iSMART system is comprised of three main elements:

  1. Base technology upgrade - replace legacy technologies at each asset with an integrated supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and associated network architecture
  2. Asset automation - system/infrastructure upgrades providing automatic and remote operation capability for storage outlet works, weirs and regulators
  3. Asset surveillance - system/infrastructure upgrades providing remote surveillance and image/data capture with real-time, view-anywhere capability


  • Remote operation and monitoring of assets (dams, weirs and regulators)
  • Improved data capture and decision making capability
  • Water savings from improved operations and maintenance responses
  • Cost savings from improved efficiencies
  • More frequent, accurate and timely data
  • Reduced staff travel to sites


  • Mid 2014 - Complete asset automation (storage outlet works, weirs and regulators automation upgrades), asset surveillance and Fish River Water Supply SCADA upgrade
  • May 2013 - Completed automation of Murrumbidgee weirs and regulators
  • February 2012 - Completed SCADA system upgrade
  • June 2011 - Completed dam surveillance upgrades at Glennies Creek, Windamere, Hume and Burrinjuck dams.
  • March 2010 - Launched project


  • September 2014 - iSMART prime contractor contract (works package one) awarded to Hunter Water Australia
  • August 2013 - iSMART engineering services contract awarded to Schneider Electric
  • June 2012 - iSMART SCADA upgrade project contractor SAGE Automation wins national water and wastewater category of the 2012 Process and Control Engineering Awards

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Project Manager: Andrew Lavelle
Phone: 1300 662 077

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