Burrendong upgrade

Burrendong upgrade

Burrendong Dam

  • Burrendong crestLocated on the Macquarie River, 30km south east of Wellington in NSW
  • Dam completed in 1967
  • Storage capacity of 1,188,000 mega litres

About the upgrade

  • Approximately $28 million
  • Funded by the NSW State Government
  • 2010 start date
  • 2015 expected completion

Stage One

  • 1A Crest raising works - Raising the height of the main dam wall and saddle dam B, new raised embankment at saddle dam C.
  • 1B Spillway works - Construction of an auxiliary spillway and strengthening the existing spillway gate arms to enable Burrendong Dam to better withstand and safely pass an extreme flood. The package of works also includes an upgrade to the spillway automation and control system.

The road over the wall will be closed to public during construction and may remain closed thereafter. The permanent storage capacity and water releases will not be altered by the upgrade.


  • Improved dam safety in the event of extreme flooding.
  • Improved environmental outcomes.
  • Improved flood management.
  • Increased sustainable regional development.
  • Stimulating local economies.


  • 2010 April - Commence construction of crest raising works.
  • 2011 February - Detailed design of spillway works.
  • 2011 April - Complete construction of crest raising works.
  • 2014 Mid year - Commence construction of spillway works.
  • 2015 - Complete stage one works.


  • 2014 February - Stage 1B (auxiliary spillway works) contract awarded to Bardavcol
  • 2011 June - Crest raising complete
  • 2011 February - Stage 1B (spillway works) detailed design undertaken
  • 2010 April - Construction (crest raising) commenced
  • 2010 February - Stage 1A (crest raising) construction contract awarded to Macmahon Contractors Pty Ltd
  • 2010 February - Parsons Brinckerhoff Pty Ltd engaged to provide construction site management services
  • 2010 February - Stage 1A (crest raising) GC21 start-up workshop

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