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Trading water

Trading water

Important dates to note in the 2016-2017 season

Customer update: From 1 July 2016 customers are no longer able to provide credit card details over the phone for application fee payments for Water Trades, payments should now be made securely via the Westpac PayWay website.

Season opening date

  • Trading of surface water and groundwater in all valleys commences 1 July 2016

Season closing dates

  • Interstate (to and from South Australia and Victoria) - 30 April 2017
  • Murrumbidgee, Murray and Lower Daring (intervalley and intravalley) - 31 May 2017
  • All other river valleys - 15 June 2017*
  • All groundwater sources - 15 June 2017*

All these dates are current for 2016-17 season unless  otherwise advised by DPI Water.

* Applications received by 15 June 2017 are guaranteed to be processed. Late applications will  be received up until 30 June 2017, however WaterNSW cannot guarantee approval if the application is incomplete or incorrect.

When uploading allocation assignment forms, please follow the instructions below to avoid submitting duplicate applications:  

  • Click on required form type to open file (see link below under forms)    
  • Click open (a pdf file will be generated)    
  • Print form    

This process should be repeated for each form to avoid duplicate applications (The reference number on the top right hand corner of the form is a unique number).  

Regulated Water  


Unregulated Water  

Regulated Water  

An application fee of $39.01 plus $0.51 per megalitre traded (GST free) up to a maximum of $153.98 applies for each application to assign surface water. The fee structure has been set in accordance with the 2016- 2017 ACCC Water Pricing determination.  

Examples of application fees (application fee + megalitres traded x 0.51c = fee for assignment)  

  • $39.01  + 10ML x $0.51 = $44.11    
  • $39.01  + 50ML x $0.51 = $64.51    
  • $39.01  + 100ML x $0.51 = $90.01    
  • $39.01  + 150ML x $0.51 = $115.51    
  • $39.01  + 200ML x $0.51 = $141.01    
  • $39.01  + 250ML x $0.51 = $153.98    

Please use the calculator below to generate your fee for assignment.

Fee for assignment is ____

Make a payment using PayWay.  

WaterNSW now requires the payment of variable usage charges for all allocation assignments involving a buyer licence not linked to a NSW Works Approval.  

Applicants should note that the variable usage charge will be based on the valley of use. Variable usage charges should be included with the transfer fee on application.  

Please contact WaterNSW on 1300 662 077 to confirm the usage charge in your valley prior to lodging your application.  

Groundwater and Unregulated Water  

An application fee of $352.46 applies to each application to assign groundwater and unregulated water. This fee has been set in accordance with the 2016-2017 IPART determination.

Details of the fee & IPART determination can be found in the 

Water Administration Ministerial CorporationWater — Determination June 2016.

An application to assign water must be completed in full to ensure processing is not delayed.  

A service standard for processing times has been implemented by The Council of Australian Governments (COAG).  

Under the service standard, the following targets will be  met for:  

  • Interstate - 90% of allocation trades to and from Victoria processed within 10 business days.    
  • Interstate - 90% of allocation trades to and from South Australia processed within 10 business days.    
  • Intrastate - 90% of allocation trades processed within 5 business days.    

WaterNSW reports against these service standards for each and every assignment application and we provide a monthly report on performance against the standards. For more information view our monthly trade statistics.  

To ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible, please contact WaterNSW on 1300 662 077 to confirm your available water balance prior to lodging an application.  

WaterNSW has an allocation assignment policy that aims to:  

  • Provide customers with a consistent and equitable service for each and every allocation assignment.    
  • Facilitates an open and transparent water market in support of the National Water Initiative.    
  • Appropriately administers the Minister’s power to determine allocation assignments under sections 71T and 71V of the Water Management Act 2000 (WMA2000), as conferred within the operating licence.    
  • Complies with Section 71Y WMA2000 and other legal and regulatory instruments.    

They are the same. An allocation assignment (formerly known as a temporary water transfer) is the assignment or transfer of current year allocation from one access licence to another.    

Water access licences are treated like bank accounts. These water accounts track the actual water allocation (in megalitres) credited and debited on a daily basis. Credits to a water account include Available Water Determinations (AWDs) which are announced DPI Water and water that has been assigned      into the licence through allocation assignments. Debits to water accounts include the use of water through water supply works and allocation assignments from the water account.    

Water available in a water account can be assigned (or transferred) to another water account on a temporary basis (for that season). This assignment or dealing has no permanent effect on the share component of the licence. Allocation assignments only affect the water allocations based on AWDs made in      that water year.    

Contact WaterNSW customer information centre between 8.30am and 4.30pm, weekdays on 1300 662 077. Alternatively, access your water accounts via iWAS.    

Yes. It is the responsibility of the seller to notify WaterNSW in writing of the agreed price of the water (refer Section12.48 of the MDBA Water Trading Guidelines).    

An application fee of $39.01 plus $0.51 per megalitre traded (GST free) up to a maximum of $153.98 applies for each application.    

A variable usage charge may also apply to your application if the buyer licence is not linked to a NSW Works Approval. Please refer to the section detailing fees above to confirm if a variable usage charge is required for your application.    

Yes. Customer application fee payments for Water Trades should now be made securely via the Westpac PayWay website.    

No. If your application is refused your fee will not be returned. You will need to lodge a new form and pay a second fee for assessment and approval. WaterNSW encourages customers to take care when completing allocation assignment forms.    

Customers must take their time and ensure their application is complete and accurate. Page two of the application form has been developed to guide customers in correctly completing their allocation assignment forms. Lodgement details, a guide to processing times and information on amending or withdrawing      an application are all covered.    

WaterNSW staff can assist you with information on your water account balances and rules relating to your valley/region. WaterNSW cannot advise on what is right for your business. We encourage you to seek advice from an experienced broker or other professional adviser.    

No. You can only trade water from a high security or general security water licence.    

No. You can only trade water from a groundwater aquifer licence.    

Yes. The nominated holder of the licence will be notified in writing when the application has been finalised. If an application has been lodged on your behalf by an agent, the agent will be notified.    

You must notify WaterNSW in writing if you wish to withdraw your application. Consent to withdraw the application must be provided by both buyer and seller or your nominated agent.    

Sellers are encouraged to submit current meter readings with each application. Please be aware of any un-finalised applications you may have already lodged with WaterNSW or any water orders still outstanding.    

When using a broker, it is reasonable to expect that your broker or agent has the expertise to help you gather the information necessary to lodge a correct and complete  application.    

Brokers should also be able to advise on trading rules that apply and whether your trade will comply with water trading rules. Applications that do not comply will be declined.    

You should also expect that your broker will promptly lodge your application with the seller's water corporation and swiftly resolve any problems with your application.    

If you have concerns about your trade, you should check with your water broker in the first instance to confirm the status of your transaction with WaterNSW.

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