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Customer news and updates

Customer news and updates

Water availability

The weekly water availability reports keep the community informed about water storages in drought-affected areas of NSW.

Water balance

These valley specific reports shows all water that is currently held in water accounts or is set aside for future use in water storages.

Water operations

The water system operations reports provide updates on water system operations per valley.

Supplementary announcements

Supplementary announcements provide immediate updates to customers when additional water is available for licence holders on regulated rivers as a result of rain events.

Newsletters and notices

The customer newsletters and notices provide timely updates on news related to water delivery and availability.

Community Events

Community and WaterNSW sponsored events and activities in your area.

Friday 23 February
1,982,741 ML
2,581,749 ML
13,793 ML
1,971 ML
-15,937 ML
Friday 23 February