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A hidden valley

Date published: 21 October 2015

Receding waters during times of drought allow a glimpse into the valley’s past

Warragamba Dam’s amazing eels

Date published: 05 September 2015

Lurking behind Warragamba Dam the long-finned eel waits for her chance to take the second great journey of a lifetime.

The heavy lifters

Date published: 28 April 2015

During construction of Warragamba Dam a lot of the heavy lifting was done by two large cableways. They helped the workers remove excavated material, deliver equipment and pour concrete.

Recognising community engagement

Date published: 16 March 2015

WaterNSW recently completed a $13.7 millioncontract to upgrade Prospect Dam that required the popular picnic areas and cycleway near the dam to be closed to the public for over a year. To minimise impacts of the closure on stakeholders and the community, an engagement plan was developed involving extensive meetings with local councils, cycling groups, and organisations operating inside the grounds.

I remember the suspension bridge!

Date published: 25 February 2015

What happened to the suspension bridge?

Many visitors have fond memories of the exhilarating walk across the iconic Warragamba Dam suspension bridge.

The footbridge was originally built so dam builders could safely and quickly cross the construction site. When the dam was completed in 1960 the suspension bridge became part of the experience at the popular tourist destination.

Preserving Windmill Hill

Date published: 06 February 2015

The Windmill Hill Group, a number of farming properties and ruins owned by Water NSW have been added to the State Heritage Register. The properties are located on the edge of the Metropolitan catchment area near Appin and date back to the early 1800s with land grants awarded by Governor Macquarie between 1816 and 1820. The farms show different types of building techniques from the early to late nineteenth century. A sandstone granary on North Farm features an unusual V-shaped slit halfway up one wall, indicating it may be a rare example of a fortified structure. If so, it demonstrates the importance of storing and securing grain in the early decades of the colony.

Sydney's drinking water catchments infographic

Date published: 20 January 2015

Did you know there's over a million sheep in Sydney's drinking water catchments?

You were born where?

Date published: 13 January 2015

We recently had two special visitors to Nepean Dam. Peter and Gus MacFarlane are the sons of former Dam construction worker, Murdo MacFarlane. Peter (aged 90) grew up at both Avon and Nepean Dams while they were being constructed, and Gus (88) has the distinction of being born at Nepean Dam. He is probably the last remaining baby born at the site who has their place of birth listed as Nepean Dam on their passport.

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